1997 GTB

LHD / 6 Speed transmission


Transmission6 Speed
Exterior Color
Fly Yellow (Giallo Fly)
Interior Color
Assembly Number107990


Restored in 2015-2016. Engine out service and detail. Interior restored with new leather on dash and Alcantara headliner. The rear leather shelf was also fitted with better than OEM leather trimming which is clearly visible through the rear quarter glass. All the interior plastic switches were refinished so as to eliminate any of the so called "sticky" parts. New Challenge set covers were obtained from Italy, including seat cushions, to restore the seats to new looking condition. The racing seat belts were also refreshed. The under carriage was detailed. The wheels were refinished. New Pirelli Trofeo tires were fitted. The Car was painted the proper Ferrari gallo. There are several factors that make this car quite possibly unique. First, this 355CH was one of the rare cars actually fully constructed at the factory. There are believed to have been 108 or 109 factory constructed 355CH. Most 355 Challenge cars were regular 355s that were purchased and then a challenge kit was installed by the dealer which is why most 355 Challenge Cars are 1995 model year. This 355CH is a 1997. When it was built by Ferrari it was supposed to be sold MSO only and without a Title as it was supposed to be race only. However, this is the only known factory built 355 CH that was actually titled by a Ferrai dealer....and a long standing and well known one at that! In fact, this same dealer's 355 Challenge car is on display at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello. This is the only known factory built post-1995 355CH that can be registered lawfully in all 50 states that was actually titled by a Ferrari dealer. That makes this car extra special because this is the last of the last: It is the last car like the 250 GTO--a car you could drive to the track, race and drive home. It even has power mirrors and power windows! It has analog gauges. It has a manual gearbox and a cable that connects the gas pedal to the 8 engine throttle bodies. After the 355 Ferrari's challenge race cars were not longer street drivable and they were all paddle shift cars with drive by wire. This is not only the end of an era for Ferrari car, but it is the last known factory built road and track Ferrari with a legitimate title from a Ferrari dealer.


UnknownSteven S.Pound Ridge NY USA
Oct 2014Private L.Los Angeles CA USA


Sep 201617xxx


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